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Medical/Legal/Corp./Military(CHCS)/Law Enforcement
Speech Recognition Solutions Packages
using Scansoft/ Dragon NaturallySpeaking 6.0.
For over six years Metroplex Voice Computing, Inc., has been providing training, customized programming, and workshops/seminars for speech recognition. We have extensive experience with the military CHCS.

Our approach to speech recognition solutions is to identify your needs and to custom design speech recognition solutions to meet those needs.

Our training encompasses a broad spectrum enabling the client to address future speech recognition programming needs.
We provide solutions using the following products:
  • NaturallySpeaking 6.0 +(Professional/Preferred)
  • Medical Solutions Suite 6.0 +
  • Legal Solutions Suite 6.0 +
  • Olympus DS 3000 Digital Recorder
  • Specialized Vocabularies
Solutions Packages can include:
  • Loading Software
  • Dictation techniques
  • Use of Vocabulary Builder
  • Use of Vocabulary Editor
  • Use of Specialized Vocabulary
  • Creating voice macros for text/keystrokes
    • Voice Keystroke macros
    • Voice Script Macros
  • How to create basic templates
  • CD video demo showing examples of:
    • Keystroke macro creation
    • Script macro creation
    • Command editing
    • Creating a Special Command File
    • Importing a Command file
  • Floppy disk with example template (if applicable), and example macros for general use
Metroplex Voice Computing, Inc.
P. O. Box 121984 Arlington, Texas 76012
fax: 817.719.9207
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